Donate now to help our folks experiencing homelessness in this weather! image

Donate now to help our folks experiencing homelessness in this weather!

Freezing temperatures, inches of snow and ice, we need your support!

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With freezing temperatures and inches of snow and ice - our programs are more vital then ever.

Most of our hygiene guests live unsheltered outside, and many have not made it to the emergency shelters, for a number of reasons. Because of this, we are extending Hygiene Center hours for Monday and Tuesday, as needed. We will be open two extra hours each day, from 8am-4pm to provide more respite and warmth from the outdoors. If conditions continue to warrant, we will extend Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, as needed.

In order to continue providing the necessary support of warmth, comfort and food - we need YOUR help! We are running low on hats, gloves, hand warmers and foot warmers, scarves and fleece blankets. Please considering donating to this page, or ordering items for us and sending them to our offices, located at 1215 Thomas Street.

We would also like to provide two hot meals during these extended hours and cold days. We need volunteers to do so - please reach out to and if you are interested in coming in during the daytime this week to cook. Each day, we would like to serve a late breakfast/early lunch (around 11am) and a late lunch/early dinner around 3:30/4.

Our folks who are unsheltered need your help this week!! They need to stay dry, warm and fed! Please consider donating warm supplies, or coming in to help cook a meal. Thank you ALL!